K-12 Programs

We offer a wide variety of education programs with hands-on learning opportunites. Our programs are divided into two types with separate pricing structure: Lab programs (priced per student) and Demo programs (flat rate regardless of student numbers). We have created separate Elementary and Secondary program pages for your convenience.

Elementary Programs

Secondary Programs

Our programs are designed to correlate with specific Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. We have listed every benchmark covered by each of our programs in an easy to read table. Just attach the table to your lesson plans, and you are all set. No need to look up the standards on your own time. We have done all the work for you!

Next Generation SSS for grades K-2 programs

Next Generation SSS for grades 3-5 programs

Next Generation SSS for grades 6-8 programs

Like what you see and ready to schedule a program or check prices? Check out the Pricing Guide and FAQ's below, to see our current pricing for both labs and presentation style programs as well as some of the FAQ's we get about programs. Just send us an email or call to find out about availability and schedule a progam

Did you really enjoy your program and want to extend it further? Are looking for some unique class auction or good behavior gifts? Maybe you really need to add to your specimen collection or get a replica of a tooth that can be passed around the classroom? Check out our Teacher Specimen/Resource page for lists and prices of what we have to offer.

Teacher Resources.........COMING SOON!

Sorting shark teeth during our Shark
Tooth Lab

Students learn about the anatomy of
a frog during a Frog Animal Investigation

Using a custom diagram to identify
the organs of a squid

Students can search for and keep
1 full pound of fossils in our Deluxe
Fossil Dig